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Here you can peruse what we've made at your leisure. If you're interested in supporting us, click the store link and get yourself a copy!

Our team also regularly participates in game jams, which you can find at this address!

The Manse on Soracca

Tasked with finding a lost woman by the name of Bridgette Camilia, private investigator Herbert Castaigne sails to the mysterious, fabled island of Soracca where he finds an imposing mansion. What he finds inside will change his life forever... as it will change yours.

The Manse on Soracca is a mystery adventure game running on the Marduk engine, recovered and restored by an anonymous member of MoonMuse Studio.. Buy today and experience the retro-trip that is The Manse on Soracca!


Legend tells of a secret that lies on the edges of the G4-LXGR system known to many only as "Galxagar". No one knows what it is, but many leave their homes in search of Galxagar and its glory. They seldom return, but when they do they are scarred and numb, whispering and muttering in tongues unheard. Their condition speaks one warning: "Don't go to Galxagar".


GALXAGAR is an arcade style space shooter reminiscent of the hit arcade titles of the 70's and 80's. You play the role of a space adventurer in search of the mythical treasure of "Galxagar". Along the way you will encounter the Archons, a group of deities tasked with defending their priceless treasure. Defeat them and their hordes of minions, and you too may bare witness to Galxagar's awesome treasure. 

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