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"THE MANSE ON SORACCA" Goes Live on Oct. 12th!

YO! Our first full game launches to on OCTOBER 12TH! GET HYPED!

You can find the game here:

A few notes about this release:

- This will be a 'beta'/'soft' launch. No, it's not early access, but it isn't exactly a finished product either. The goal of this initial release is to gauge interest, collect more feedback, and squash out any last remaining bugs that were missed in playtesting.

- TMOS will release on Steam, but not now. Once we feel that it's ready for Steam, it will be available on that platform. We would like to have all the bells and whistles that come with a Steam release, but we just don't have those yet. The release on Steam will be a full v1.0 release, so stay tuned for that.

Mark your calendars and spread the word! The Manse on Soracca is coming!

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